For sale in July 2014 in the Netherlands, stating: ‘Unique SAAB 900 convertible flatnose. First series from 1986, ready to go to an enthusiast that will give it the attention necessary to bring it back in its original shape. Have put a lot of energy in revising the engine and gearbox. Driving fine and enjoyable in nice weather. Original sealed beam lights with Euro converter. Top in excellent shape with a new rear window.’

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  1. hello The car with chassis nr 031473 is now owned by Vera van Oeteren napoleonsweg 91 Neer Holland. we changed the automatic gearbox into a manual gearbox. the car is complete stript to bare metal and restored. the car has all the org. part’s out and inside i think personly one off the best flanose cars around.
    i can ask the owner if you are intressted in some picture;s

    • The Fabulous Flatnose schreef:

      Of course, this ASKS for new pictures to give the car an update in the register! I will send you a message to get in touch. Thanks for your reply!

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