First prototype

This car is the grandmother of all Fabulous Flatnoses! It was the first of the original hand built prototypes, born by converting a two-door notchback into a convertible. The VIN is therefore not a convertible’s VIN like you’d expect it to be (YS3AD7xLxG…): YS3AH25J7F700****. The H2 indicates a 900S High (i.e. luxurious) series 2-door sedan, with the 5 indicating the manual gearbox and the J
telling us it was originally a 2.0 fuel injected car. At the conversion, it got the B202(SI-1-85) turbo engine installed. The F tells us it is the 1985 model, which can also be deducted from the missing side indicators (very rare). It was the American Sunroof Company that built it after a Bjorn Envall design, and it hasn’t got the same dimensions as the production cars. For instance, the left side is 11mm shorter. If the left side gets in an accident they have to manually manufacture a new door because an ordinary door will not fit. You can imagine. Bernt is very careful with this car. It
therefore has only 49.000 km on the “clock”. The 16” cross spoke wheels have been adjusted by Bernt, to fit the
original old type axles. What is perhaps most appealing to this car is that it that this car wasn’t meant to become a roadworthy car. But luckily, fate decided differtenly…

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