A red mystery

As I was reading some old SAAB-brochures I stumbled upon a rather interesting photo in a 1986 brochure called ‘Development and production of advanced cars’:

Apart from the subtle smell and great atmosphere of the brochure itself, there was a small but to me eye-catching photo in it:

What you see is a red 900 convertible that is clearly not a production car. Not only is it being constructed manually, it also lacks the side indicators of the 1986 model year and the A-pillars are red instead of black. Even the (mostly red) pre-production cars had side indicators and black A-pillars.

So if this is not a production or pre-production car, what is this red mystery? It could be a potential crash test car, a yet unknown prototype or a study model for construction purposes, who knows? Suggestions? Please comment!

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2 reacties op A red mystery

  1. Michael McFarland schreef:

    1984 4 door S flatnose

  2. Chuck Lage schreef:

    One of the original prototype/concept car that had a hand carved wood spoiler and was taken to auto shows was red. Could this be that car?

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