Washing off the dust..

Sitting still for a long time is never a good idea. And if you look at the freshly added Fabulous Flatnose with serial number 020510 in the picture above, it shows. Flat tires, tired looks, dust: ingredients you just don’t want in your life. That is why, after quite some time, the register has been updated with some new cars, of which this one car from the original series. It is an early example, procuded in February or just March 1986. With only 62,507 miles, it is a very nice survivor, although it is a bit rough on the outside.

I am not sure what the LT-sticker is about. But if you look through the dust and the roughness, there is probably quite a nice Saab 900 turbo convertible beneath all of it.

So after washing off this register we are again on the lookout for new additions, as there still are unregistered Fabulous Flatnoses out there! And meanwhile we hope the winnter of the auction of this 020510 will give this wonderful classic a wash as well… And we hope to see it again in the future…!

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  1. Jake T schreef:

    This is my car. I tried emailing about it but your inbox is full.

    The car was owned by a New York City architect and the last registration expired in 1998. It was clearly stored indoors since then until it went to auction.

    I have spent a week detailing the car, unfreezing the front brakes, attending to minor wiring issues, and cleaning out and refurbishing the fuel system.

    The car is exceptionally close to running (needs a fuel rail since the one on it kinked and burst), and it now looks and feels very much like a new car. The engine cranks over consistently and sounds amazingly healthy. It builds up oil pressure perfectly. The underside has ZERO rust, and there’s only minor body damage (a pullable dent, a hood dent, and a minor scrape under rear wheel arch trim). All electronics tested work (down to the mirror adjustments). The dash is uncracked, and the seats are remarkably supple. The iron fallout from its interior storage has been totally cleaned up. The rubber components are even still soft and pliable. The roof feels new (it is untested at this moment though). The paint will require two-stage polish, though, as the clearcoat has that “brushed” effect for which silver Saabs of this era are known.

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