The beginning…

Before acquiring my sought after Fabulous Flatnose, I scoured the internet searching for information on this particular model. What striked me was that no one seemed to know the exact story behind this model, the number of cars built and the whereabouts of the model. Therefor, after buying my own Fabulous Flatnose (serial number 022196), I started the Register Facebook Group March 19th, 2014, with the following opening post:

This page is solely dedicated to the limited series of (about) 400 1986 SAAB 900 turbo convertibles. Owners, fans, addicted, devoted and interested are welcome to share knowledge, experience and stories on this special convertible: the fabulous flatnose.

That same day, a Fabulous Flatnose popped up for sale in The Netherlands (where I reside), so that post was in fact the first content of the Register:

First post

It turned out to be the 029277 …and the Register was born!

Thanks for your interest in the Register.

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