Colorado sighting

As the Fabulous Flatnose register steadily expands, more people become aware of the special status the 1986 Saab 900 convertbile has – both in history as in appearance. One of them is Cameron, who spotted a flatnose convertible in Boulder, Colorado, and was keen enough to take a picture of the car:

This car looks to be in very nice shape! And Cameron also took a picture of the VIN:

And the VIN proves the originality of this flatnose. Also, it is a new addition to the register, since the 030244 was thusfar unknown to the register.

Thank you Cameron for paying attention and sharing this sighting of yet another Fabulous Flatnose that is alive and kicking!

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2 reacties op Colorado sighting

  1. Dave Hunter schreef:

    Hello registry…
    Just spotted the June 2, 2017 blurb about the Flatnose spotted in Boulder Colorado. I can tell you all about this 5-speed, 4 cylinder turbo charged car. It had an MSRP of ~$27,500, but the Boulder dealer tried to put a $5,000 premium on it since it was the first Saab convertible ever to enter the state of Colorado. Prospective buyers were so put off by the dealer’s audacity, that the car sat for two weeks unsold. The eventual buyer entered the dealership with a check for $27,500 and handed it to the salesman and told him to take it to the manager and tell him to do the deal. The car would then be seen in the streets of Boulder and would become a virtual advertisement for the 1987’s that would come out the next year. He agreed and the car was sold. This car was featuring the king and queen in the prom at Fairview High School in Boulder. It was in the Homecoming parade at the University of Colorado. Sons and nephews borrowed the car for special dates with their girlfriends. It raced two crouch rockets down the winding Rt36 from Estes Park to Lyons hugging the road like the cat it is. Fast forward to today, it has never had a door ding. It has always been garaged and for years was under a cover in the garage. It has a new rag top, new leather on the front seats and an XM radio, but otherwise has all the original parts. Every 2,500 miles of its 101,000 miles it had an oil change. It was always cooled down for 30-45 seconds after being driven. It’s never been in an accident nor repainted. It has had one owner since it was a puppy! How do I know all this and a lot more about this car? Because I own it. It stopped traffic in 1986. And it stops traffic in December of 2000. Still a fantastic automobile. By the way, the picture must have been taken at Car Toys in Boulder the day I switched to an XM radio.

    • The Fabulous Flatnose schreef:

      Thank you Dave, for sharing the story of this wonderful 900! It’s the story that makes the car – let’s be honest. Take care!

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