Welcome to the Fabulous Flatnose Register! The register consists of a website and a Facebook Group and is solely dedicated to the first series of just 379 1986 SAAB 900 turbo convertibles and its prototype and pre-production predecessors – which are presumptuously referred to as the Fabulous Flatnoses, due to their flat fronts.

A quick guidance to distinguish a Fabulous Flatnose from one of the 48,894 classic SAAB 900 convertibles is consequently to have a look at the different angle of the front and secondarily at the shape of the bumpers (click for larger view):


On the left you see a flat front convertible with straight bumpers, which is a Fabulous Flatnose, in fact a pre-production car. On the right you see a slope front convertible with rounded bumpers, which indicates a ‘regular’ classic SAAB 900 convertible. That this optical difference isn’t redeeming is proved bij the humourous fact that the right car is a 1986 Fabulous Flatnose pre-production model as well! But this one was converted to the facelifted 1987 model. So be sure to always check the Determination Sheet in the Library before drawing any conclusions…

The goal of the register is to:

A. Keep track of all the Fabulous Flatnoses that are and used to be around worldwide;
B. Spread, share and acquire fact-based information on history, production numbers and other details;
C. Serve as a community for all who love, like or own a Fabulous Flatnose or are in any way interested in this particular model.