The Fabulous Library contains a variety of interesting documents:

Fabulous Flatnose Factsheet: what’s true and what’s not? [download]
Determination sheet: how to know if it is a true Fabulous Flatnose? [download]

Car documents
Supplement to the owners manual [download]

Technical documents
Service manual [download]
Replacing the convertible top (manual) [download)]
Door panel service campaign (letter from SAAB USA) [download]

Magazines and articles
Provkörning: Saab 900T 16 Cabriolet (Teknikens Värld, June 1986) [download]
Juha’s Finnish specialty [download]
Fun in the Sun (Dutch article) [part 1 | part 2 | part 3 | English translation]
Leader in a New Era (article from Hemmings Sports & Exotic Car) [download]
Ritzy Ragtop (Car Magazine, December 1986) [download]
The Swedes let the sun in (Motor Magazine, July 1986) [part 1 | part 2 | part 3]
Swedish Summer Cocktail (Automobile Preview, November 1986) [part 1 | part 2]
Hats off to SAAB (Performance Car, August 1986) [part 1 | part 2 | part 3]
È la Cabrio più Esclusica (Starter Magazine, Italy) [part 1 | part 2]
Test Saab 900 cabrio (AutoBild, July 1986) [download]
AutoRAI (Zakenauto, 1987) [download]
SAAB Convertible is a hit (Autocourant, December 1990) [download]

Online articles
The SAAB Convertible story (Pistonheads) [view]
The first protoype (SAAB Planet) [view]
SAAB 900 Convertible (Wikipedia) [view]
ASC’s concept (Inside SAAB) [view]
Leif Mellberg’s concept (Inside SAAB) [view]
900TC by Leif Mellberg (Mellberg Custom) [view]


Presentation of prototype no. 1 [download]

Press photos
Studio color photo of the second prototype [view]
Studio b/w photo of probably the second prototype [view]
Studio b/w side view of the second prototype [view]
Female with a production car 1 [view]
Female with a production car 2 [view]

Dream Machines Sheet ‘Saab 900 convertible’ [download]

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