Current statistics of the Fabulous Flatnose Register:

  • 3 prototypes
  • 4 pre-production cars
  • 1 crash test car
  • 75 production cars that still exist (out of 379 built)
  • 2 production cars that have been scrapped (ditto)
  • 7 production cars whose fate is unknown (ditto)

Total number of original flatnoses: 92 


  • 10 unidentified cars
  • 14 non-original cars

August 13th, 2018

You can open and download the register (pdf) by clicking the orange button – or have a view at the gallery of enlisted cars below, with descriptions for every car below each photo.



Pre-production cars

Crash-test cars

Production cars

Unidentified flatnoses

Non-original flatnoses