Design study

This is the only prototype – in fact a design study – based on the 3-door combi coupe version of the SAAB 900, one
from 1981, with the 8-valve turbo engine. It was designed and built by Leif Mellberg and wasn’t built for driving. It has
no registration for that matter. This car was flown to Pasadena, California to be compared to the ASC prototype (P01),
with the board present to decide which one of the prototypes would be the better. The ASC-car won. Mellberg’s design
study has a targa top over the front seats and a traditional canvas drop top over the rear seats. The left side is
equipped with aero-panels and aero-wheels whilst the right side was standard, yet with the wheels painted pearl
white, like the aero-wheels. It has done 690 km. The car can still be seen in the SAAB Museum in Trollhattan. Serial
number 13510.

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