Second prototype

This car is the second of the original hand built prototypes, born by converting a (1983) two-door notchback into a
convertible. The car was built by American Sunroof Company after a design by Bjorn Envall, and has an 8-valve
carburettor engine with a 4-speed gearbox. It isn’t rigid enough for driving but can be driven and has done 1,830 miles.
Features include separately moving rear window (as seen on youtube: and rear seat
passengers having a window switch of their own. This car can be seen in the SAAB Museum in Trollhattan. It is the
car that was shown to the public at the 1983 IAA in Frankfurt . To ensure maximum impact, the shape of the veiled
show car was disguised by a plastic block inserted above the trunk lid to give it the silhouette of a wagon. It is not
commonly known that the IAA show car was in fact the second car to be built – not the first! Serial number 01454.

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