This car, with serial number 001013, was the press car for the United States. It has some handmade parts like a rear spoiler partly made of painted wood and soft top covers (when the convertible top when it is down) made of fiberglass, that just lay over the convertible top so they cannot be on when the car is driven. This pre-production car was built in June 1985, to the 1986 model specifications (it has the G in the VIN also). It is a full T16 (i.e. both VIN and engine). The car was used for promotion purposes and is thusly known from advertisements and press releases, see lower photo. It was owned by SAAB USA since new.

In an auction on February 10th, 2012, this car was bought by Bill Jacobson of Sports Car Service in Wilmington, who thus became the second owner. The story goes a very large groundhog that made its home under the hood when the car was stored at the Scania facility in Orange, where it was deteriorated to such extend that the car was re-painted by SAAB and the front seats were replaced. The mileage is about 25,000.

What makes this car pretty special is that it was never converted to slant nose and the car had never been titled.

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