With VIN YS3AD75L1G7011412, stating a 119 hp non-turbo engine, this one of the pre-produced fabulous flatnoses
(this is not acknowledged by the SAAB Museum in Trollhättan), in good condition.
As you can see, it has been converted to the slant nose model, with the ‘87 front and bumpers. It has a poor fit for the interior fittings. The mileage? 2,628! The Swedish registration is MFU848 and dates back to December 1986, when
the production cars were long gone and mostly sold in the USA). The Swedish registration indicates a 2.0 injection engine,
but it is equipped with a (possibly later on mounted) T16 B202 engine. The VIN must have been prepared for that already. The Museum thinks it was a mis-registration by the government and it should have been a T16 registration…

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