Another lucky flatnose

For quite some time, the 029277 stood for sale at a car trader in Berlicum, the Netherlands:

Car trader

For me, this is an Extra Fabulous Flatnose, because it is the very first Fabulous Flatnose I witnessed in the wild. It was around 2005, when I lived in Het Gooi, an area in the Netherlands. This car has the automatic gearbox and was consistently driven by a lady and maintained by the local SAAB dealership. I really loved the lines of this distinct model and once in a while I spotted the car in the area. At some point in time it suddenly was for sale in the south of the Netherlands, in Berlicum. Although it got interest from Sweden even, it sadly remained unsold for about a year or two.

In May 2014, the 029277 was spotted – also in Berlicum – by a spotter on Flickr:


But apart from that, everything remained silent around this wonderful flatnose…

Until January 15th 2016, when I got an e-mail from Max Rens from Vianen, announcing his new purchase: the 029277! Although the car doesn’t look feeble at all, this lucky flatnose is now getting a full restoration. So if anyone sees an ‘as new’ Fab Flat this summer, it may surely be my first flatnose crush…

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