30th birthday

So, 2016 has arrived! Thrity years ago, in January 1986, the first cars rolled off the line at Valmet in Uusikaupunki, Finland. It was an exiting period for SAAB, because if this car would become a succes, SAABs future would be rosaceous and SAAB would be able to push the brand upmarket, a desire of mainly Bob Sinclair of SAAB USA, whereas in the European market the economy was difficult and SAAB was looking for a lower priced car. SAAB’s convertible sold out soon in the USA and now, 30 years later, we all know about the instant succes of SAAB’s convertible range.

For all of the pioneering Fabulous Flatnose production cars, who paved the road for this massive succes, this means their 30th birthday will be celebrated this year. So what do you think your venerable frontline fighter deserves?

Happy Birthday


To find out in which month to celebrate, check the left door jamb for the factory sticker for the building month:

door jamb sticker

Or just check your serial number in the Register-pdf on the Register page to see in which month your Fabulous Flatnose was built. What will you give your car for its birthday…?

Happy celebration!

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