379 – The magic number

Although on the internet various production numbers can be found, 379 is the best reasoned number of produced ‘production cars’, which excludes the prototypes and the pre-production cars.

Valmet 3

Production is devided by month as follows:

January 1986: 6
February 1986: 5
March 1986: 14
April 1986: 57
May 1986: 137
June 1986: 116
July 1986: 44

As the well known SAAB enthousiast and former Fabulous Flatnose owner Larry West pointed out on Saabnet.com in February 2010, 350 of those 379 cars were painted silver according to the SAAB Museum (all for the USA – one per dealer) and 205 of the 379 had the 5-speed manual gearbox. Larry adds: “The other 29 that didn’t come [to the USA] were used by Saab executives, etc in Europe. Possibly some of them also got crash tested, I’m not sure”.

In the Fabulous Flatnose Factsheet that can be found in the Library, those numbers are the foundation of production number accountability as well, and are rendered in a graph.



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