The 033132 for sale in Finland

It’s just a few times a year that an original Fabulous Flatnose comes up for sale. Last week, the wonderful 033132 came up for sale in Finland:

The Saab was of course built in Finland in July 1986, but was originally delivered in the USA, in Erie, Pennsylvania. Later, it ended up in Florida and after that in Philadelphia,
where it sat for 10 years dismantled. Spotted on Craigslist for sale as a body on wheels and 20 boxes of parts, it was put together by Tommi’s friend living in Philadelphia a couple of years ago. After that, Tommi bought it. This Saab still has the USA headlights.

With just 100,000 miles or 160.000 kilometer, it should be able to please another enthousiast for quite some time to come!

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