Provkörning: Saab 900T 16 Cabriolet

Here is a nice new addition to the Fabulous Flatnose Library: a scan of a June 1986 article of Teknikens Värld:

One of the pages of the 1986 article

This Swedish technical oriented car magazine was founded in 1948 and still exist.

In 1996 Teknikens Värld hit the news when the all new Saab 9-5 (at the time only known as the successor of the 9000) was spotted, photographed and revealed in the magazine, being at an airport storage hall. Saab went crazy and GM threatened to sue Teknikens Värld. Journalist PeO Kjellström even went to jail for a few hours. Eventually, there were no charges and all ended well.

‘The new Saab – the images Saab tried to forbid’

Our thanks to Jonas Claar for sending in the article!

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