New addition: the 030924

Sometimes, as a register freak, waiting for answers is the only solution. On September 16th, 2015, I spotted a Fabulous Flatnose on the Internet, but there was no more information than two photos:

1930183-1450890369-729191 1930183-1450890353-169168

It was a website without clear goals or references, so all there was left to do was to sit and wait…

On December 28th, the same photographs popped up using Google Images, and now I was led to a sales advertisment, offering this 1986 Fabulous Flatnose automatic for $2,500, with 130,000 miles, stating:

Owned this car for 25 years. Has a rebuilt transmission with less than 10,000 miles on it. was go to restore the car but just don’t have the time. Not bad shape for a 29 year old car.

Luckily, the VIN was part of the advertisement: YS3AD76L4G7030924. So there it was, the serial number of this Fabulous Flatnose. So there’s another update on the Register!

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